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We find Waterwise's partnership approach and its relentless drive for ambition right across the sector refreshing and effective. It manages to be both supportive and challenging to us as an individual business and also to government and regulators to drive the policy changes we need to deliver our ambitious Target 100 water efficiency programme. We particularly welcome Waterwise's engagement on water efficiency of the non usual suspects within water companies, for example Chief Customer Officers through its Leadership Group - and with water retailers to drive the water efficiency we need to see in businesses.

Ian McAulay, Chief Executive, Southern Water

Why be a Waterwise Supporter or Affiliate?

Being a Waterwise Supporter or a Waterwise Affiliate means you are strengthening water efficiency in the UK. Your support contributes to Waterwise core funding, enabling us to be the principal independent voice and thought leader for water efficiency in the UK. Our research, policy, strategy and campaigns work, staff expertise, networks, support of water-efficient products and services and events add value to our Supporters’ own water efficiency programmes and release greater ambition. Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates also receive a range of tailored benefits.

Waterwise is a not-for-profit organisation – our central aim is that water is used wisely every day, everywhere in the UK. So all Supporter and Affiliate funds are invested directly in driving greater water efficiency in the UK.

We’re very grateful to our Supporters and Affiliates for enabling us to continue to be the leading independent voice on water efficiency in the UK, driving the change necessary for people, the environment and the economy.

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Our Supporters

Anglian Water

Anglian Water serves the largest, driest water company region in England and Wales, receiving only two-thirds of UK average annual rainfall and has one of the fastest rates of new housing growth. In 2019 we became the largest public interest company in the UK by changing our Articles of Association to formally enshrine the public interest within the constitutional make up of the business.

Business Stream

Business Stream is one of the largest water retailers in the UK and a trusted supplier to over 340,000 forward-thinking businesses. The retailer has to date helped its business and public sector customers save more than £242 million and conserve over 43 billion litres of water. As passionate advocates of water efficiency, Business Stream was the first water retailer to become a partner of Waterwise and was recently awarded the Waterwise Water Efficiency Checkmark.

Dee Valley Water

Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales is the regulatory body responsible for managing water resources in Wales. We balance the water needs of the environment and society and encourage water efficiency to support the economy, safe-guarding wellbeing now and for the future.

We face challenges from climate change and an increasing population which will impact on our water resources and the ways we will have to manage them. We will achieve this by continuing to regulate the abstraction of water, monitor the environment and by working closely with Waterwise, the water industry and other abstractors to manage resources efficiently. 

NI Water

Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company (GoCo), set up in April 2007 to provide the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland. That means we supply 575 million litres of clean water a day for almost 1.8 million people as well as treating 340 million litres of wastewater a day.

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) provides water and wastewater services operating in the north east of England, trading as Northumbrian Water (NW), and water services in the south east of England, trading as Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW). Under the banner of ‘Every Drop Counts’, our award-winning water efficiency programmes take an innovative, community-focused and leading approach to helping our customers save water.

Portsmouth Water

Scottish Water

Scottish Water is a publicly owned water company which provides water and waste water services to 2.46 million household customers and wholesale Licensed Providers across Scotland.

SES Water

We have ambitious plans to manage demand over the next five years, including reducing household consumption by 7% under our Every Drop Counts programme. This involves a wide range of approaches – from educating schoolchildren to home water efficiency check visits, supported by working in collaboration with local authorities, community & environmental groups and Regulators

Severn Trent

Helping customers understand their water use and how they can use water more wisely in their homes is a key objective for us at Severn Trent. This is to ensure we can meet future customer demand whilst protecting the natural environment. Our relationship with Waterwise provides a platform to promote water efficiency activities already in place, share best practice and encourage more of our customers to be water efficient.

Southern Water

Southern Water supplies drinking water to more than two million customers, and treats and recycles wastewater for more than four million customers across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Its vision is to create a resilient water future for customers in the South East.

South Staffs

South East Water

South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to 2.2 million people in the south east of England. Through a network of 14,780 kms of pipe, they deliver around 520 million litres of water every day. Relying on a secure supply of our natural resource – water, the company takes their role as guardians of the environment seriously.

South West Water

Come rain or shine, saving water makes sense. By being water smart you can save money off your water bill and help protect the environment.The average person in our region uses 143 litres of water in a day, by the end of 2025 we want to get that down to 128 litres. Small changes in water use, avoiding waste, can make a big difference when multiplied by the 1.7 million people we serve.

Thames Water

Thames Water has 15 million customers, and is delivering the UK’s largest water efficiency programme. In parallel with a smart meter rollout, Thames Water’s annual water efficiency initiatives include; 70,000 Smarter Home Visits, nearly 4,000 Smarter Business Visits, 6,000 in-home retrofits with Housing Association partners, education programme and retrofits for schools, an online Water Energy Calculator, incentives for smart metered customers, and new ‘discretionary water use’ work streams with the EA and industry. 

United Utilities

Water Plus

Water Plus is a business water retailer, providing customer service, billing, meter reading, account management, water efficiency services and lots more for businesses of all sizes, as well as public sector organisations in the UK. Water Plus is partnering with Waterwise, to boost awareness of water efficiency and savings, as well as encouraging water efficiency through innovation across the UK. We’ve helped our customers save over £5m, and reduce water consumption through leak detection and repair and a proactive approach to water efficiency.

Wave Utilities

Welsh Water

Welsh Water are committed to promoting the efficient use of water. Our customers can visit our bespoke online webpage and take advantage of free promotional product offers and read through our helpful water saving tips. We have pledged to support local communities across the country, through our Community Resilience Projects and collaborative working to ensure all customers can access our water efficiency services. Our water efficiency programme is strengthened further by our relationship with Waterwise, who are key partners in helping spread water efficiency message and awareness throughout the UK.

Wessex Water

Wessex Water provides water and/or sewerage services to more than 2.8 million customers across the south west of England, including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. Owned since 2002 by family-run Malaysian company YTL, Wessex Water is run by local employees who are customers themselves and members of the communities they serve.

Yorkshire Water

Our Higher Tier Affiliates

Methven UK

Established for over 130 years Methven is a global manufacturer of beautifully designed, innovative and award winning showers, taps and valves. Methven hold three of six worldwide patents for showering technology and are committed to conserving energy and water. Its innovative shower technologies are all optimised at 9 litres per minute without any compromise on performance.

Our Regular Affiliates


A software-as-a-solution company, Advizzo transforms the way customers think about their water consumption, as well as the way utility companies engage with their customers. We combine data science and behavioural science to develop innovative interventions to empower customers to change their behaviours.


Artesia is a dynamic and forward thinking consultancy based round data science, serving the water sector since 2008. We work with. our client’s to solve their challenging water management problems by combining our extensive water industry knowledge with data science.  We provide leading edge solutions for leakage management, water resources planning, water conservation, demand forecasting, network and asset management.


Waterguard design, manufacture and distribute the most comprehensive range of water leak detection and prevention systems to suit all applications and environments. They work with professionals from every stage of construction, property managers, insurers and risk assessors to mitigate the risk of water damage to new and existing buildings across the country. In addition to the many cost savings, the Waterguard product range also makes a significant contribution to conserving precious water reserves satisfying all BREEAM compliance water requirements.